About Us

I am a big family girl and you will see that this is a family business and I have support all around me, including you for visiting my page - so thank you!

After having my second daughter I knew that working 9-5 wasn't me, I didn't want to be stuck in a little box wishing the days away. I have always been a crafty person and love designing and creating even though sometimes the creations were above my skills (thanks hubby!). So one day I asked hubby to help me make a clothes rack for our daughters room and wahlah... essentially RAW was born.

I wanted to make products that were modern and unique for your little ones rooms so that is how the concept of essentially RAW KIDS was born.

We live in quite a regional town that in the past few years has become very expensive to shop in. I went into a retail store recently and they had a timber handmade table for $5,000 but I fell in love with it. I don't know about you but I cannot afford or justify spending $5,000 on a table. So hubby and I sat down and started designing furniture. He has a love for rustic hand sewn timber that he mills himself, and I love modern comforting furniture so together we have built essentially RAW - a range of modern timber, metal and concrete furniture designed and handmade by us but made affordable for everyone!

Then comes essentially RAW upcycled. Whilst renovating our home we lived with my parents for a while and my Dad and I started looking on the local facebook buy and sell pages at the amount of beautiful furniture being sold because it looked a bit tired. So off we went and bought a shed full of furniture (maybe a little too much) and we spend time restoring it to its RAW nature and bringing it back to life in a way that you will have it forever.

Thanks for visiting our page and hopefully you fall in love with our ranges as much as we have.
If you have any questions please dont hesistate to contact me via email or facebook. 

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Nicole (and fam) xx